Local training for Digital Curators in Alicante (Spain)

The “Digital Curator Course” took place the week of 24-28 April 2023 at the MUBAG. The programme was aimed at museum professionals from the province of Alicante and surrounding areas. The sessions, which lasted five consecutive days, combined theory and practice through workshops consisting of practical cases to be worked on in groups and then shared. Each day was devoted to a different topic: Digital Preservation; Digital Heritage; Accessibility; Preserving and Disseminating Digital Material and Digital Communication.

For the development of the course, specialists in each of the subjects from museums and the University of Alicante were invited to participate. In addition, the MUBAG’s own staff also took part, presenting the current state of each of the topics with the knowledge acquired in the research and training of the NextMuseum project. The participants had the opportunity to learn about and get a practical experience of current digital tools such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D, storytelling, audio description, etc.